Clinton Cash
Clinton Cash: The Untold Story of How Foreign Governments and Businesses Made Bill and Hillary Rich

The blockbuster exposé that upended a presidential race: Clinton Cash redefined the Clintons and exposed their corrupt conduct.

The book that sparked an FBI investigation into Bill and Hillary Clinton’s family foundation. The Clintons were one of the most scrutinized couples in American history. But after GAI’s yearlong investigation, Clinton Cash rocked official Washington, prompting a major criminal invesatigation and widespread media coverage, includsing front-page write-ups in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and Washington Post. Later reporting confirmed that internal fear of the power of the Clinton Cash revelations may have been the real reason the campaign chose to pursue the Steele Dossier and try to tie their opponent, Donald Trump, to Russia.

“I’m humbled by the book’s success, and I’m heartened by the scores of investigative news articles Clinton Cash has spawned as reporters confirm the accuracy of the book’s dozens of revelations and expand on its reporting,” said author Peter Schweizer.

  • The book spent several weeks at #3 on the New York Times bestseller list, and a graphic novel version of the book, published later in the year, occupied the number 1 slot for graphic bestsellers.
  • Led to FBI civil and criminal investigations of the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation.
  • Drove the Clinton campaign to engage the services of Christopher Steele, who produced the now-discredited “Steele Dossier” on Donald Trump.

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