Compromised: How Money and Politics Drive FBI Corruption

Published in 2018, COMPROMISED exposed corruption within the senior ranks of the FBI and the Department of Justice, long before the mainstream media dared to look for it.

Author Seamus Bruner chose a timely topic for his first book — revealing the FBI’s and the DOJ’s role in pushing the Trump-Russia Collusion narrative.

The stories Bruner exposed still reverberate in headlines more than five years later. COMPROMISED implicated many of the political appointees who would later be fired, resign under a cloud or be prosecuted, including Andrew McCabe, Bruce Ohr, Peter Strzok and Lisa Page. The book also documented the long and cozy relationship between fired FBI director Jim Comey and Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller. Long before the press or even congressional oversight would catch up to the partisan actions happening at the Bureau and the DOJ, COMPROMISED laid them out carefully, factually, and in the proper context.

As director of research at the Government Accountability Institute, Seamus Bruner has worked with Peter Schweizer since June 2011, providing research for numerous New York Times bestsellers.

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