GAI understands the needs of the working press. We are happy to assist reporters however we can. Please use this form for press/media inquiries and a member of our media department will respond as soon as possible. Please let us help you.

If you wish to schedule a phone interview, a video conference, or a podcast appearance by one of our principals, indicater that below and we will try to assist you. If you need clarification on our sourcing of facts from one of our publications, please be specific about what you need to save time. GAI does not use anonymous sources and we fact-check everything we publish. If your question is general in nature or seeks a comment from Peter Schweizer or one of our other authors, please limit these to questions directly related to our cronyism and corruption investigative specialty. We are not pundits here.

Requests specifically about our most recent books are handled by our publicist Sandy Schulz. You may also call her directly at (202) 244-1460.

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