• Thermal Runaway: How Hawaii’s Green Obsession Exacerbated the Worst American Wildfire in a Century
    (Editor’s Note: In a new article published in The American Spectator, GAI research analyst Samuel Schaefer uncovers an inconvenient truth — Hawaii’s obsession with green energy policies directly affected the ferocity of the wildfires that tore through Maui last year, destroying homes, businesses, and the island’s environment.) The tragic wildfire in Lahaina last August — America’s worst in more than a century, with nearly 100 deaths and 2,000 buildings and
  • Politics Is A Family Business
    There has been widespread media coverage about family members cashing in on the elected fortunes of nationally recognized political leaders. These leaders include Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, and Donald Trump. However, as you will see, you do not have to be the son, daughter, or spouse of the President of the US or the Speaker of the House to take advantage of opportunities that come when a family member is
  • From Academics to Activists: Teachers Unions ‘Reimagine’ Spending Priorities
    NEW GAI REPORT SHOWS WHERE THE MONEY GOES During the 2021 fiscal year, the two largest teachers unions in the US – the National Education Association (NEA) and the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) – collected approximately $575 million in dues from their members. How did they spend these funds? In past decades these funds were spent on traditional union activities including collective bargaining, advocating for increased funding for public
  • The Truth About Ukrainian Biolabs
    When the invasion of Ukraine began, Russian leaders accused the U.S. of weaponizing deadly pathogens in Ukrainian biolabs near Russia’s borders. While the U.S. initially denied the claim, Under Secretary of State Victoria Nuland admitted in a congressional hearing that biolabs do exist in Ukraine and that the U.S. has partnered with the country on work relating to dangerous pathogens. As the war continues, questions still surround the nature of
  • Department of Cronyism: Inside Deals, Conflicts of Interest, and Chinese Connections
    The latest investigative report from the Government Accountability Institute is a deep dive into the Commerce Department — it is a confluence of streams of money that fill a swamp of corruption and cronyism for insiders. The US Department of Commerce seldom grabs headlines or is the subject of stern congressionalrebukes. It does not find itself accused of being “weaponized” against political opponents.Following the 2016 election, an article on Vox
  • Teachers Unions: From Academics to Activists
    New report from GAI exposes teachers union misuse of power No U.S institution has been affected more by current events than the K-12 educationsystem. The COVID pandemic wreaked havoc on the mechanics of deliveringeducation, while the social justice movement sparked a debate over what should betaught in the classroom. The convergence of these two issues turned traditionallymundane school board meetings into a platform for frustrated parents and oftenpitted these parents
  • Hat Trick: Peter Schweizer’s ‘Red-Handed’ Officially #1 on NYT Bestseller List
    Just one week after its release, Peter Schweizer’s Red-Handed: How American Elites Get Rich Helping China Win is sitting at the top of the New York Times bestseller list —a hat trick for Schweizer, whose previous titles ‘Profiles in Corruption’ and ‘Secret Empires’ also achieved #1 status. Schweizer says this investigation was the “scariest” of his long, storied career exposing corruption. The malicious machinations behind some of America’s most powerful profit machines
  • NEW GAI Report Exposes Corruption and Cronyism in the Cannabis Industry
    GAI releases a new report exposing corruption in the cannabis industry in seven different states.
  • Green Fog: The Coming Climate Change Bond Crisis
    The Government Accountability Institute undertook a yearlong study of 40 major cities to find out if mayors’ apocalyptic projections about climate risks are factored into the interest rates on the municipal bonds their cities issue. We published this report as “Green Fog: The Coming Climate Change Bond Crisis — the Narrative vs. The Numbers.” The results revealed a gulf between the words municipal leaders speak and the disclosures cities make.
  • Exclusive: New GAI Report on EBT Program’s Link To Terrorism and Fraud
    Throughout the Great Recession, Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program enrollment skyrocketed— and for good reason. Millions of Americans were unemployed, state and local governments were cutting public services, and vulnerable citizens needed help meeting basic needs, such as the ability to adequately feed their families. SNAP, also known as “food stamps,” provided relief. GAI investigated the charges of widespread fraud in the EBT SNAP Program, and published our findings in the
  • GAI Exclusive Report: Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross Conflicts of Interest
    Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross was allowed by ethics officials to maintain investments and other ties to a group of shipping firms. Many of the these firms’ clients specialize in industries greatly impacted by the Commerce Department’s policies, particularly the implementation of tariffs still to be negotiated largely by Ross and the Commerce Department. The Government Accountability Institute investigated Ross’s business ties and published our findings in the report entitled “Commerce
  • America The Vulnerable: The Problem of Duplicate Voting
    GAI obtained voter roll data from 21 states, amounting to 17 percent of all possible state-to-state combinations. Despite significant data acquisition obstacles and an extremely conservative matching approach that sought only to identify two votes cast in the same legal name, GAI found 8,471 highly likely duplicate votes. We published our findings as a report entitled “America The Vulnerable: The Problem of Duplicate Voting.” The Government Accountability Institute (GAI) attempted
  • America the Vulnerable: Are Foreign and Fraudulent Online Contributions Influencing U.S. Elections? Taking Another Look.
    The Government Accountability Institute published a new report entitled “America the Vulnerable: Are Foreign and Fraudulent Online Contributions Influencing U.S. Elections? Taking Another Look.” GAI’s report finds that while 91% of Republicans with active donate pages require the Card Verification Value (CVV) on their websites, fewer than 10% of Congressional Democrats require the additional layer of security. With interest in the 2018 midterm elections heating up, the Government Accountability Institute
  • Follow The Money: How the Department of Justice funds progressive non-profits
    A new investigation by the Government Accountability Institute details the flow of funds from consent decree settlements overseen by the Department of Justice into progressive non-profits engaged in political activity. GAI published its findings in a report entitled, “Follow The Money: How The Department of Justice Funds Progressive Activists.” The Government Accountability Institute conducted an in-depth examination of the nature of settlement agreements between U.S. financial institutions and the United
  • FROM RUSSIA WITH MONEY: Report raises questions about ‘Clinton Cash’ during ‘Russian Reset’
    Key players in a main component of the reset — a Moscow-based, Silicon Valley-style campus for developing bio-medical, space, nuclear, and other information technology called “Skolkovo” — poured tens of millions of dollars into the Clinton Foundation, the report by journalist Peter Schweizer and the Government Accountability Institute shows. GAI published its findings as a report entitled “From Russia With Money: Hillary Clinton, The Russian Reset, and Cronyism.” • A
  • GAI Analysis into Clinton Email record shows surprising anomalies
    The Governmengt Accountability Institute did research into the content of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s emails, and published our findings in a report entitled, “Secretary Clinton Email Analysis.” Research by the Government Accountability Institute shows that Secretary Clinton’s email record contains anomalous patterns in her email history. Among the findings are: The term “Rosatom,” the term for the Russian State Nuclear Agency, onlyappears once. This is particularly interesting given that
  • GAI Report: “Presidential Meetings With Cabinet Secretaries”
    Government Accountability Institute is pleased to release its new report, “Presidential Meetings With Cabinet Secretaries Since the Signing of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act: March 23, 2010 – November 30, 2013.” Click here to download the report. The Government Accountability Institute (GAI) conducted an analysis of the Presidential Schedule, as released by the White House, to determine the number of times President Barack Obama has met directly with his Cabinet secretaries. To
  • GAI REPORT: “Blocked: Chinese Government & Obama Campaign Quietly Block Access To Donations Webpage”
    The Government Accountability Institute is pleased to announce the release of its follow-up report on foreign and fraudulent online campaign contributions: BLOCKED: Chinese Government & Obama Campaign Quietly Block Access To Donation Webpage.  
  • GAI Report: An Analysis Of FEC Campaign Donations Listing Non-Existent ZIP Codes
    The Government Accountability Institute is pleased to announce the release of its new report, Campaign Funding Risks: An Analysis Of FEC Campaign Donations Listing Non-Existent ZIP Codes. Click here to download the complete report.      
  • GAI Announces New Report on Digital Donations – “America The Vulnerable: Are Foreign and Fraudulent Online Campaign Contributions Influencing US Elections?
    THE TRUTH ABOUT DIGITAL DONATIONS. Federal Election Commission (FEC) laws do not require federal candidates to use the same kinds of industry-standard, anti-fraud credit card security measures commonly used when purchasing things online. This oversight creates a dangerous pathway for illegal foreign and fraudulent online contributions to influence U.S. elections. In this report, GAI found… Nearly Half of Congress Vulnerable to Fraudulent and Foreign Donations Of the 446 House and