The Governmengt Accountability Institute did research into the content of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s emails, and published our findings in a report entitled, “Secretary Clinton Email Analysis.”

Research by the Government Accountability Institute shows that Secretary Clinton’s email record contains anomalous patterns in her email history. Among the findings are:

  • The term “Rosatom,” the term for the Russian State Nuclear Agency, only
    appears once. This is particularly interesting given that Rosatom acquired
    20% of US uranium production during the tenure of Secretary Clinton.
  • Secretary Clinton’s email often seems to be event-driven and can be mapped to similar events seen in State Department cables. However, there are notable exceptions to this, particularly around Rosatom’s acquisition of uranium.
  • Clinton’s email records contain a notable gap during which Clinton was negotiating a nuclear deal with the state of India.
  • In two other instances, Clinton sent nor received no emails as a result of her server going down during a natural disaster.
  • The name “Max Blumenthal” appears 37 times.
  • The name “Bill Clinton” appears 311 times.
  • The phrase “Islamic Extremism” appears 19 times.
  • The word “yoga” appears 7 times.
  • The name “Giustra” appears 0 times.