(Facebook/Biden Institute, University of Delaware; Nicolas Asfouri/Getty Images)

GAI’s Seamus Bruner and Jedd McFatter scoured the donation records related to the Biden Institute at the University of Delaware and found more than $6.7 million in anonymous donations from the Chinese government. They shared their findings in an article for the Breitbart website.

The funds included direct funding from the Chinese government, after Joe Biden set up a program there in his name, according to a Government Accountability Institute analysis. The revelation comes following reporting that anonymous China-linked funds flowing to the University of Pennsylvania almost tripled after the inauguration of the Penn-Biden Center, which illegally housed classified documents.

Bruner and McFatter, both Directors of Research at GAI, noted that “it should be noted that, according to the available records, none the donations from China to the University of Pennsylvania following the creation of the Penn Biden Center appear to have been reported to the DOE as coming from a ‘Foreign Government Source’ — a fact which led at least one fact-checker to conclude that the Penn Biden Center was being unfairly labeled as ‘China-funded’ because the influx of funding from China to UPenn following its establishment was not given this DOE identifier. However, three donations originating from China to the University of Delaware in the years following the launch of the Biden Institute clearly bear the ‘Foreign Government Source’ identifier.”

In February 2022, Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL), sent a letter to UD President Dennis Assanis urging UD to terminate its academic and research partnership with China’s Xiamen University. Xiamen University actively supports Beijing’s military-industrial complex and allegedly conspired with Huawei to steal trade secrets from an American semiconductor startup. UD appears to still be working closely with Xiamen University and its personnel.

The Justice Department, the FBI, and a special counsel are under mounting pressure to scour Biden’s records at the University of Delaware for additional classified materials. Last month, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre dodged when asked if President Biden had any objection to a search of his records at the UD.

Whether the White House objects or not, investigators might also examine the secret China money flowing to both the UD Biden Institute and the Penn Biden Center.