Editor’s note: GAI Research Director Kenneth Sukhia recently penned an op-ed for The Daily Caller highlighting GAI research into the connections between Hunter Biden and a Chinese drug trafficker named Chang-An-lo, who is also known as “White Wolf.”

New findings from the Government Accountability Institute (GAI) reveal that the Biden administration excluded a notorious drug kingpin linked to Hunter Biden from the Department of Treasury’s illicit drug sanctions list (notably, fentanyl).

  • Joe Biden’s 2021 Executive Order (EO) sanctioning drug traffickers omitted drug kingpin “White Wolf,” a business partner of Hunter Biden’s associate and CEFC chairman, Ye Jianming.
  • “White Wolf” has engaged in drug trafficking, kidnapping, and extortion. He has deep ties to Taiwan’s largest criminal Triad gang, the United Bamboo Gang, having served as the group’s leader in the United States prior to his incarceration. According to Peter Schweizer, the United Bamboo Gang helped the Mexican Sinaloa Cartel become the “King of Fentanyl.”
  • Prior to Biden’s EO, White Wolf’s business partner had been filling the Biden family’s coffers with more than $5 million worth of loans, cash transfers, and other gifts, including a three-carat, $80,000 diamond given directly to Hunter Biden.

GAI research shows that the Biden administration excluded “White Wolf” from the Department of Treasury’s illicit drug sanctions list.

This sanctions list was created in 2021 as a response to Biden’s Executive Order calling for a crackdown on international crime groups responsible for the dramatic spike in drug-related deaths in the US. At the time, the Biden administration claimed that more than 100,000 Americans died from a drug overdose—mostly from synthetic opioids like fentanyl—in one year alone.

Suspiciously absent from this list was the Taiwanese gangster known as “White Wolf.”

Zhang Anle, a.k.a. White Wolf is a convicted transnational drug trafficker and former Chinese Triad gang leader who was a business partner of Hunter Biden’s associate, Ye Jianming, the chairman of CEFC China Energy Company.

White Wolf and Ye created a joint petroleum company in partnership with a Chinese state-owned entity in 2010. Additionally, a pro-Beijing unification political party in Taiwan founded and run by White Wolf has ties to Chinese Communist Party (CCP) United Front activities, with which Ye has been associated.

Peter Schweizer’s newly published bestselling book, Blood Money, details how Ye and CEFC “showered the Bidens with money” in 2017.

A few years before the Biden administration announced the new EO omitting White Wolf from the sanctions list, White Wolf’s own business partner had funneled $5 million to the Biden family. Ye had even gifted Hunter a three-carat diamond worth $80,000.

The omission of White Wolf from Biden’s sanctions list is curious, given how well his criminal background fits the profile criteria for listed individuals.

According to the Treasury Department, individuals listed in the updated sanctions list include “any foreign person engaged in drug trafficking activities, regardless of whether they are linked to a specific kingpin or cartel.”

The Treasury noted that those included on the list would be “individuals who traffic fentanyl, and its precursor chemicals, methamphetamine, cocaine, and heroin, as well as organizations that pose the greatest drug threat to the United States.”

Biden’s EO states that the purpose of the directive is to target “groups, networks, and associated individuals” who are involved in “a broad range of criminal activities,” including drug trafficking and human trafficking.

Based on this criteria, White Wolf certainly fits that description.

He was the main culprit behind the shipment of 300 kilograms of heroin into the US, resulting in one of the largest drug busts ever recorded in US history.

Court documents reveal that White Wolf is the former US leader of the Taiwanese United Bamboo Gang (UBG) and was a close associate of an infamous Chinese mob boss who was implicated in the 1984 murder of a Taiwanese journalist in Daly City, California.

UBG specializes in “human trafficking, illegal gambling, and drug trafficking”—particularly fentanyl and its precursors. In Blood Money, Schweizer describes how White Wolf’s gang, UBG, helped the Mexican Sinaloa Cartel become the “King of Fentanyl.” UBG is an active member of a larger international crime syndicate that has reportedly helped to proliferate the global shift from heroin to synthetic drugs like fentanyl.

Despite claiming to have distanced himself from UBG, White Wolf still holds deep ties to the gang.

White Wolf’s Chinese Unification Promotion Party (CUPP) in Taiwan is deeply tied to UBG and is a breeding ground for the gangs’ recruitment activities. Over the years, CUPP and UBG members have cooperated to plan and engage in violent attacks against pro-democracy groups and demonstrators in Taiwan.

Just last year, White Wolf reportedly invited members of a Japanese yakuza crime group with close ties to UBG to meet with his CUPP. In 2018, White Wolf’s son led a group of UBG members to Okinawa, Japan to meet with members of that same yakuza group.

Given White Wolf’s background in fentanyl trafficking and his ongoing affiliation with UBG, the Biden Treasury Department’s failure to sanction him and his affiliates is baffling. This new context demands a deeper inquiry by congressional investigators into the Biden family’s business deals with White Wolf and his associates.

Kenneth Sukhia is an investigative journalist and Director of Research and Analysis at Peter Schweizer’s Government Accountability Institute. This article also appear on The Daily Caller’s site.