Peter Schweizer, President of the Government Accountability Institute, joined Brian Kilmeade to discuss his latest bestselling book “Blood Money: Why the Powerful Turn a Blind Eye While China Kills Americans.”

Schweizer broke down how China is directly involved in fentanyl coming across the border. Schweizer says every link in the chain is a China operation and the drug cartels are the junior partners.

Schweizer also explained the need to end Chinese ownership of TikTok. Schweizer says that the parent company, ByteDance is not just a Chinese company but wedded to the Chinese intelligence state. Schweizer said a Chinese military officer called TikTok the ultimate Trojan horse. Schweizer also spoke about how China’s equivalent of TikTok is giving their young people science experiments, history and culture, while American children are getting people with blue hair screaming. Schweizer added, China is feeding their kids spinach while giving our kids cotton candy.

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