(Editor’s note: Writing for CBN News, Gary Lane notes the influence and force of Peter Schweizer’s latest book, “BLOOD MONEY.”)

China’s increasing worldwide influence is a major debate in this presidential election year. It centers on whether the Chinese Communist Party is viewed as a friendly competitor or an enemy of the United States. 

Recently, investigative journalist and author Peter Schweizer detailed China’s efforts to undermine America from within.

Schweizer contends Communist China is at war with America, sowing chaos and death without firing a shot. He makes that argument in the book Blood Money: Why the Powerful Turn a Blind Eye While China Kills Americans

“China has a strategy, they call it disintegration warfare that says, look, we don’t want to have a kinetic fighting war with the United States because that would lead to all kinds of disruption and damage in China,” Schweizer explained. “So, we’re going to try to beat them by not going to war, but by undermining them nonetheless.”

Schweizer believes that the Chinese Communist Party undermines America by employing the tactics of Sun Tzu, a fifth-century Chinese military strategist who argued that an enemy can be defeated without actual combat.

“They’re doing this by sowing social chaos in the United States,” Schweizer warned. “They’re literally killing Americans with fentanyl. All the Mexican cartels are the junior partners. This is a Chinese operation.”

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