GAI Director of Research Seamus Bruner appeared on the America Right Now program on NewsMax to discuss the spending priorities of the Biden administration in light of the bridge collapse in Baltimore back in March.

Joining host Tom Basile on the America Right Now program, Seamus zeroed in on the spending priorities contained in the Biden administrations infrastructure bill, which he said waste taxpayer funds on green energy projects instead of repairing America’s network of roads, bridges, tunnels, and other critical parts of the transportation system.

“It’s not just that Biden is taking trillions of dollars, not just in this bill but others, and spending it on wasteful projects or, worse, wasting it on rehousing migrants, taking your money and spending it on things that hurt you. I mean, planes are falling out of the sky you see the Boeing scandal. You’ve got bridges collapsing but it’s also the opportunity cost. That money actually could go toward making America great and Biden is just squandering it,” Bruner said.