Newt Gingrich welcomes Peter Schweizer to discuss Blood Money on Gingrich 360 podcast

Newt Gingrich talks with Peter Schweizer, author of the book Blood Money. Schweizer discusses his two-year investigation into restricted Chinese military documents and American financial records, revealing the Chinese Communist Party’s covert operations in social media, the American drug trade, social justice movements, and the medical establishment. He also discusses the popularity of TikTok among young Americans and the

Peter Schweizer Appears on the Ben Shapiro Show

Peter Schweizer, President of Government Accountability Institute and author of the new book, “Blood Money,” details to Ben Shapiro the Chinese Communist Party’s covert operations in the American drug trade, social justice movement, and medical establishment to sow chaos and deca­dence in the United States. He joins us today to break it all down. Listen

House Panel Launches ‘Government-Wide’ Investigation into Chinese Communist Subversion of U.S., citing ‘Blood Money’

House Oversight Committee Chair James Comer (R-KY) on Thursday launched a “government-wide” probe into the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) ongoing attempt to “target, influence, and infiltrate every sector and community in the United States.” The probe comes in the wake of Peter Schweizer’s new book, Blood Money: Why the Powerful Turn a Blind Eye While China Kills Americans. Blood

Crisis in Haiti resurrects Clinton Foundation questions. GAI’s Seamus Bruner and Eric Eggers discuss how the “Clinton blur” led to the chaos in Haiti today.

GAI Vice President Eric Eggers and Research Director Seamus Bruner appeared on Carl Higbie’s program on Newsmax to discuss how the disaster and coup in Haiti brings up old questions about Bill and Hillary Clinton, and the Clinton Foundation. GAI’s book “Clinton Cash” was released in 2015 and exposed the Clinton Foundation’s crony capitalism.

New book reveals China’s ‘disintegration warfare’ against the United States (

New York Times bestselling author Peter Schweizer’s new book delves in to China’s comprehensive strategy to undermine the United States while U.S. politicians fail to take action. The investigative journalist who first uncovered Hunter Biden’s foreign business dealings is shaking up Washington yet again with a comprehensive book warning Americans about China’s “disintegration warfare” against