Uncovering the Russia ties of Hillary’s campaign chief

“Lawmakers failed to seize on an alarming development in the Russia collusion story last week, one that should spark serious and immediate congressional inquiry. But it didn’t involve President Trump or his administration. During a heated Fox Business interview with Maria Bartiromo, Hillary Clinton’s former campaign chief John Podesta made a series of misleading statements

Obama campaign blocks Chinese IP addresses from contributing to its campaign.

GAI REPORT: “Blocked: Chinese Government & Obama Campaign Quietly Block Access To Donations Webpage”

The Government Accountability Institute is pleased to announce the release of its follow-up report on foreign and fraudulent online campaign contributions: BLOCKED: Chinese Government & Obama Campaign Quietly Block Access To Donation Webpage.  

CNS NEWS: Schieffer Should Ask About Foreign Residents Contributing to Campaigns

CBS News anchor Bob Schieffer, the moderator of tonight’s presidential debate on foreign policy, should ask the candidates whether presidential campaigns should be required to verify the the addresses of contributors who donate online by credit card and then publicly report all contributions from foreign residents regardless of their amount, says Peter Schweizer, president of

DAILY CALLER: Obama Campaign Collecting More Donations From Non-Existent ZIP Codes

A soon to be released report from the conservative Government Accountability Institute shows that President Barack Obama’s re-election campaign has increasingly collected more electronic donations from non-existent ZIP codes throughout the 2012 campaign cycle. From February through June this year the GAI findings reported that the Obama campaign collected $175,816.26 in electronic donations from non-existent