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Seamus Bruner on OANN 7/5/24

Seamus Bruner on “Fine Point” with Chanel Rion discusses “The global cabal taking away our freedom”

CONTROLIGARCHS: Exposing the Billionaire Class, Their Secret Deals, and the Globalist Plot to Dominate Your Life continues to draw press interest for its deep revelations about the globalist cabal and its machinations to take away individual freedom. Its author, GAI Research Director Seamus Bruner, joins Chanel Rion on the OANN network to discuss the book.

Money from China has “deeply affected” Biden’s policies: Maria Bartiromo welcomes GAI’s Peter Schweizer to discuss Joe Biden’s financial ties towards China

GAI president Peter Schweizer joined the “Sunday Morning Futures” program, hosted by Fox News’s Maria Bartiromo, to discuss President Biden’s policies towards China and their relationship to the financial ties of his family to Beijing. Schweizer is the author of Blood Money: Why the Powerful Turn a Blind Eye While China Kills Americans, the recent

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“Controligarchs” should be on your Summer Reading List ~ The Federalist

The news website The Federalist published a list of twelve books it recommended for Summer reading. Among them, Controligarchs by Seamus Bruner, Research Director at the Government Accountability Institute. According to journalist and writer Joy Pullman: “This is the latest in a series of books from the investigative researchers at the Government Accountability Institute. Controligarchs came out

Trial attorneys rake in millions of dollars from Camp Lejeune portion of PACT Act: Report

The “National Desk,” a part of Sinclair Networks, published a report on Friday based on GAI’s new report on the plaintiffs’ bar and the Camp Lejeune lawsuit settlement. Here is an excerpt of their report: WASHINGTON (TND) — Cancer. Infertility. Neurological diseases. These are just a few of the impacts tens of thousands of Veterans in

Camp Lejeune Report featured on Lou Dobbs’s Program

GAI published its report on the excessive attorney fees being charged to Marine Corps families over the Camp Lejeune water contamination issue. GAI President Peter Schweizer appeared on Lou Dobbs’s program, “The Great American Show,” to discuss GAI’s findings and its significance for those in Congress who are investigating the massive percentage fees being charged

Seamus Bruner appears on “The Rebound” with Coach Matt Doherty to discuss his book, “Controligarchs”

Seamus Bruner, a Director of Research at GAI, talks with Coach Doherty about Controligarchs. Bruner has worked with Peter Schweizer since June 2011 and for GAI since January 2013, providing research & support for numerous New York Times best-sellers. His research has been featured on the front page of top publications like New York Times,

Seamus Bruner discusses Biden administration’s ineffective spending on infrastructure on NewsMax.

GAI Director of Research Seamus Bruner appeared on the America Right Now program on NewsMax to discuss the spending priorities of the Biden administration in light of the bridge collapse in Baltimore back in March. Joining host Tom Basile on the America Right Now program, Seamus zeroed in on the spending priorities contained in the