The-Washington-Post-logo“A New York Times story on a new book detailing allegations of improprieties at the Clinton Foundation contained this paragraph:

But “Clinton Cash” is potentially more unsettling, both because of its focused reporting and because major news organizations including The Times, The Washington Post and Fox News have exclusive agreements with the author to pursue the story lines found in the book.

Outrage! screamed the Clinton machine. “The conservative author Peter Schweizer has a major credibility problem, though you wouldn’t know it, because this anti-Clinton manifesto is being peddled by some in the media who have essentially reprinted the press release on its publication,” said Adrienne Watson, a spokeswoman for Correct The Record, a rapid response super PAC formed to defend Clinton from attacks. At Media Matters for America, David Brock released an entire report detailing past mistakes and omissions by Schweizer.

Clinton herself addressed the issue during a roundtable event in New Hampshire on Monday afternoon. “[I’ll be] subjected to all kinds of distractions and attacks, and I’m ready for that,” Clinton said. “I know that that comes, unfortunately, with the territory, it is I think worth noting that Republicans seem to be talking only about me.”

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