“This is WEEKEND EDITION from NPR News. I’m Scott Simon. Hillary Clinton is drawing more attention right now for the foundation that bears her family’s name than her run for president. Clinton Foundation is under scrutiny for contributions from foreign donors that were made while Mrs. Clinton was Secretary of State. During that time, a Canadian mining financier donated millions of dollars to the Clinton Foundation. He also secured a lucrative mining deal that required approval of the State Department while Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State. Joshua Green of Bloomberg News joins us in our studios. Thanks very much for being with us.

JOSHUA GREEN: Good to be with you.

SIMON: These connections were first unearthed, to my knowledge, by Peter Schweizer, who wrote the book that’s coming out next week, “Clinton Cash.” The New York Times has been advancing the story. You certainly have at Bloomberg News. Give us, if you could, a quick picture about what’s known about the relationship between the Clinton’s and this Canadian business person.”