Peter Schweizer warns that the White House announcement it will go after the wealth and assets of some of the most powerful people in Russia raises questions if any have ties to Biden family.

“It’s widely known among Russian scholars that many of these oligarchs actually hold some of Vladimir Putin‘s own assets that he owns in the West,” said Peter Schweizer, the President of the Government Accountability Institute, in an interview Wednesday reported by Sinclair Broadcast Network.

But Schweizer is also among those raising questions about potential business deals between some of those Russian oligarchs and President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter.

Schweizer’s book, “Profiles in Corruption,” reveals some of them that are also detailed in a Senate Report released in Sept. 2020, including a $3.5 million wire transfer to Hunter Biden from Elena Baturina, the wife of Moscow’s former mayor. She is considered the wealthiest woman in Russia.

There is also evidence of communications Hunter Biden had with Oleg Deripaska, who used to run a major aluminum company in Russia, exchanges Schweizer says should be looked into.

“It raises interesting questions about entanglements that might exist and whether that creates disincentives for the Biden administration to aggressively go after oligarchs on the concern and the fear but they may have, let’s say, compromising information on Hunter Biden,” Schweizer said.

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