The news website The Federalist published a list of twelve books it recommended for Summer reading. Among them, Controligarchs by Seamus Bruner, Research Director at the Government Accountability Institute.

According to journalist and writer Joy Pullman:

“This is the latest in a series of books from the investigative researchers at the Government Accountability Institute. Controligarchs came out in November 2023. I found it a gripping and readable overview of the many current ways the ruling class Codevilla defined is attempting to control every aspect of American — and Western and even global — life. It honestly kept me up at night so much that I had to stop reading it before bedtime, my usual reading opportunity.”

“Bruner gives eye-opening insight into the way global multigazillionaires are attempting to revert the rest of us to the historic norm of serfdom. His deeply researched chapters cover the massive “health” industry, big ag and the centralization of global food supplies, pharmaceutical and nutritional experiments on unsuspecting populations, “biometric surveillance,” the Great Reset, technocratic environmentalist doomsday cults, BlackRock and other mega-financier attempts at controlling entire economies, and more.”

“It’s part thriller, part investigative exposé, and it will keep you on the edge of your chair while also informing you of massive global schemes designed to erase self-government. Exposure is the first way to fight back.”