The “National Desk,” a part of Sinclair Networks, published a report on Friday based on GAI’s new report on the plaintiffs’ bar and the Camp Lejeune lawsuit settlement. Here is an excerpt of their report:

WASHINGTON (TND) — Cancer. Infertility. Neurological diseases. These are just a few of the impacts tens of thousands of Veterans in this country have dealt with as a result of toxic exposure, from their time serving in the military.

Two years ago, a law to help them seek financial damages, was passed in Congress and was signed into law by President Biden.

But it turns out they are not the only group the law is benefitting, according to new research from the Government Accountability Institute, which found trial attorneys are raking in millions of dollars. You’ve probably seen one of their many commercials.

Trial attorneys rake in millions of dollars from Camp Lejeune portion of PACT Act

There was also the contentious fight on Capitol Hill, over passing a law that eventually gave veterans the right to be compensated if they were exposed to toxic chemicals while serving the country in Afghanistan, Iraq and U.S. military bases, like Camp Lejeune.

In August of 2022, the PACT Act passed on a bipartisan basis with a portion focused on those who served at Camp Lejeune between 1953 and 1987, when the water contained toxic harmful chemicals

The initial bill included a provision to cap attorney fees between 20 and 25%, which was later removed.

“I have no problem with lawyers getting paid for services that they are performing but in some cases, they’re taking 60%, which means that veterans are getting half of the money that was actually intended to them,” said Peter Schweizer, President of the Government Accountability Institute.

He says the other big losers are U.S. taxpayers.

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