Obama Claims He Met Regularly With Website Team Before Obamacare Launch

“President Barack Obama told reporters Friday that he met as frequently as biweekly with employees responsible for the Obamacare website, Healthcare.gov, in the time leading up to its October 1st launch… The President did not mention Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius by name in his Friday statement. A recent report by Government Accountability Institute

America the Vulnerable cover image

GAI Announces New Report on Digital Donations – “America The Vulnerable: Are Foreign and Fraudulent Online Campaign Contributions Influencing US Elections?

THE TRUTH ABOUT DIGITAL DONATIONS. Federal Election Commission (FEC) laws do not require federal candidates to use the same kinds of industry-standard, anti-fraud credit card security measures commonly used when purchasing things online. This oversight creates a dangerous pathway for illegal foreign and fraudulent online contributions to influence U.S. elections. In this report, GAI found…